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Import Paper Wallet

If you have not read what is a paper wallet please do so before importing a paper wallet as outline in the instruction set. This instruction set assumes you have read that instruction set prior.

To move the BERN on the paper wallet into another and online wallet, you need to download a wallet for your machine. You can refer to the install wallet instructions for help doing this.

Once your wallet is running and fully synced with the BERN network, you can import the private key on the paper wallet into the software wallet you now have running. The private key is the long string of characters on the right hand side of your paper wallet. It would be tedious to manually key in all the characters, however; you can if you so choose. An easier way to do it would be buy using a QR code scanner app on your cellphone. Scanning the QR code with the app on your cellphone will interpret the QR code and output you back the string of characters. You then can copy and paste the string into an email and email it to an email account you have access to on the machine running the software wallet. Once you have the string of characters or have opted to be keying it in manually, you are ready to begin.

In your software wallet click the ‘Help’ menu to expand it. In that menu select ‘Debug Window.’ When the debug window opens it will be by default on the ‘Information’ tab. You will need to click on the ‘Console’ tab. Once you are on the console tab you will see a text entry field at the bottom of the window. Click in that field and type ‘importprivkey’ followed by a space and then paste in or key in the private key from of of the paper wallet you wish to import and then press enter.

If you did not receive and error, the import was successful and the software wallet will now contain the coins that were in the paper wallet. It is very important to note that this software wallet no stores the private key for the paper wallet. If you sent more BERN to the paper wallet, they would in turn end up in the software wallet. For this reason, paper wallets are considered to be spendable only once. You can discard the paper wallet as it has been spent. If you would like to use a paper wallet in the future, you should generate a new paper wallet. You can always generate as many new paper wallets as you wish with the BERN paper wallet creator.

 April 13th, 2016